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3 valuable things to know about this doujin by のびんご on Pixiv:
1. This doujin is the second part of a two-part doujin. The first part is here. The translation for it is there also.

2. I forgot the second thing but this is here in case I remember what the second thing was and decide to fill it in later There's no porno in this. V___V,

3. One time I needed some synonyms for some super basic line like souiumon, so I put it into Google Translate and the translate window spit out Catman.

this is the cover of the doujin

this is the zip of the doujin

this is the haps in this doujin
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{m} baradaisu

my fave 15 songs of 2011

2 things about Merrill G that are super inspiring to me: first, what a sumptuous mix of genres!! Second, her voice is incredible. She's not holding back when expressing passion or indignation or the sort of superorganic sensuality that's explicit in her "Powa" song, which is probs the classiest work I've ever heard about sex in the butt. Her stuff is at once way commercially appealing and way out of the pop comfort zone. She is not worried about sounding sexy and this makes her sound ultra ultra sexy.

The irony here is that this is what Black Kids should have sounded like, back when someone at Pitchfork overhyped "Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend" way past quality levels, and Michel Poiccard got only like a 6.8 /blehbleh obligatory pf commentary

Perfect for a Balthier and Fran FST, lol. Why ufairly late??? and also why so catchy. I believe Bell is another good example btw of music doing something new. For instance this song is like the synthesis of "Paper Planes" and some kind of spiritual succession to Enya's "Sail Away". BAD ASS

I love Bodies of Water so much. Twist Again is about establishing a socialist democracy after the apocalypse. This song is about dying.

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^ @ 8tracks


Aw I can't cry at dese comment pages trying to imitate words press. Web 2.0 is so wild yeah! The effect is in gen really pathetic and disorienting but I like it.

Anyway I wanted to use this journal website to talk about the Penguindrum anime which if you are a person you will know just ended. So now that you pretttty much totally understand what was going on the whole time epxlain to me why you did not love it.

I mean if you did not love it. If you didn't not love it I think this is worth discussing also. For instance maybe you just liked it, or maybe you loved it at first but now it's morning and as you take clearer stock of the posters in its bedroom and just the overall impression of its bathroom you are starting to have second thoughts. Maybe you expected it to be something it isn't, like maybe you expected it to be the age it told you it was. Or maybe you're just a butt who cannot appreciate art. This is all fine I am not going to judge you

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{dennoucoil} rock and roll.

a doujin book from japan from crackjaw~

"Boylife" #1. Basically just everything happening here right now is fine.

Meant to do a lo-effort trans like "then boners is really gets going on dis paeges......" but found myself increasingly enamored, like upon an already well-built foundation of enamoredness, with nobingo's writing and depth of insight. Like, even if her fanon pov isn't in tune with your fanon pov, and even if unlike me you live every day in glorious freedom from any inborn tendency to examine all things including doujin porno books so closely that soon your view on the combined whole of them loses all rational perspective and you begin to question whether the things that prompted the initial examination are even legitimately there or if you just need to go outsalkfhsadlfkjsa, ngl dawggs it's kind of an incredible fanwork. Shakespearian, humbling, fearless, inexpensive, culturally nominal. With it nobingo dares us to ask, Uhh is Lo-Fi-Fnk really that good? and, Where's the porn since iirc this was rated R-18 on the web site. I hope at some point K will do it justice because I am telling you right now, I am going to fuck this up.

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{pok} pokemen


the only picture i have of it

amei, wrat, a number of people and also me have started watching Gankutsuou, which I do every year having encouraged everyone many times over Twitter, and the prospect of which makes my heart develop many boners.

Today I realized I wanted to write a serious post about this show. The post is long and the show is pretty ridiculous so no one will read the post, but I am happy to have said so many things.

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A children's treasury of fan fiction (2)

pierreuse and I have this tradition now and then which is getting as loaded as possible and writing twenty-minute prompts. How else would I even make fics!!!! srs =v= Our writing styles are basically polar opposites so you should understand what a fun time is had reading the fruits of our incredible talent. Here are some fruits you can read also, by which I mean they are made of sentences with verbs and shit, shit like that

parler en aer (tales of vesperia)
how to tie a tie (dsrk)
school is awesome and for winners (dsrk)

{kuragehime} >:|.

sometimes all i have is animes and the flu


YEEEEEEES tasty BL!! I'm such a sucker for this shit. I watch every episode like (* v *)++ canis_m was right in that it hits on all relevant kink points. Well-played. If they don't make gentle love or symbolic equiv before endo I will die.


While looking at Scolipede/trainerkun porn on Pixiv I saw all this AoEku10000users art, so I watched AoEku and it turned out to have a pretty fun cast! Even the girl characters are ok because the manga is done by a lady. Weirdly however each character looks and behaves like copypasta from a different genre; the kaweeei flower girl is from bizarro-world HachiKuro, the inari summoner tsundere is Negima-ish, the broest of the 3 bros is from a sports comic while the other two are from bizarro-world Persona, and of the protagonist twins(!) the gay one is from a wildly inspired CafeKichouji+HagaRen crossover while the gayer one (non favorite twin) is actually shounen-type.

Sadly the show continues to not recognize how little of a fuck I give about its shounen story, and insists on spacing out its entertaining character-based episodes with shitty plot-based episodes. Plus it's already gone off-manga. Fuck you Letter Bee. In conclusion I give this series 5/5 for the Babyshiba arc.

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Also IB #28 has a story by me in it. It's about ghosts but it's not a scary story.